Levitation Photography


Today was my first time working with levitation photography. It's an interesting challenge. I was lucky to work with a model and friend of mine, Evan Toman. The weather in Indiana, PA has been incredibly cold over the past few weeks so when it decided to be 32 degrees and snowy, I figured I wouldn't get another opportunity to do this for a while! Working with a model that is comfortable with you and the best possibility as a photographer. During the process, I had to pose the model and work with her clothing to make sure it was draped correctly.

The editing process took around an hour for each photograph. I had to combine the original photo (as seen beside each final image) with an image of the scene without any objects in the view. Using PhotoShop, I loaded the files into a stack. This created a way for me to use the mask tool and erase the objects. After the objects and original background were erased, I spent time using the curves tool to find a brightness to my liking. Some minor cropping was also done. Lastly, I had to select my model's entire body and create a shadow using the fill tool and a filter.

Be on the lookout for more levitation photographs in the future!